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The end of this semester

December 14, 2016

Like most college students, I dreaded, I panicked, I denied, and tried to run away from it. But after the 7 stages of grief, I came to terms that finals were inevitable, no matter how (un)prepared I was. My archeenemy— chronic procrastination — found this stressful period an ideal situation to interfere once again, persuading me to finish the few chapters of a fiction love story rather than delving into the FYS historical readings. However, with the aid of 8:15 coffee and review sessions, I miraculously survived my first college finals.

During the final weeks, my host parents decided to give me a tour of the tacky light houses in Richmond. As we were slowly savoring hot chocolate and enjoying the view of beautiful Christmas lights, I was able to relax and forget about the stressful finals. My host mother also made salad chicken sandwiches and baked gingerbread cookies for me (first time trying them, and they’re delicious as well). We also went to the James River because there would be ships that are decorated with different colored Christmas lights travelling along the river. However, when we came the ships were already too far away for us to see. Still, that night was really enjoyable for me, and gave me the energy to finish strong on my finals. 


For my last programming project, I also had fun making this goldminer game, where the character would release the claw to pick up items of different worth and weights (heavier items take longer to get pulled up) under a set time limit and with a money goal to meet. This game took me a really long time to make, but the process of making it was enjoyable. I got to be creative with my game characters and types of items, as well as the changes in different levels. Here is the video featuring the game:

When the finals were finally over (which is this morning), I felt a sense of relief. However, it was also pretty sad when I had to say goodbye to my A1 fam. My friends have become such a big part of my daily life that I would miss them a lot when I’m going back to Vietnam this Christmas. Having lived in a dorm during my high school years, I anticipated, yet still marveled at, how dorm life could turn people who were complete strangers on Admission Weekends into a family.

As the title reflected, I could not finish this blog without professing my undying love for food. Actually, what I meant to talk about is dining dollars, which is the $760 in your dining account if you purchase Spider Unlimited Meal plan. This money could be applied to many dining places on campus, including 8:15, Cellar, Tyler, ETC, etc.; and it can get rolled over to the spring semester, although not the next school year. Around October, my dining dollars balance still had a lot, and I was worried that I could not spend them all by the end of the semester. However, this situation was drastically changed after I tried the food at Passport and Cellar for the first time. The tender salmon bathed in the flavorful mango chutney sauce; the balance between wasabi spice, juicy seafood, and tangy seaweed of sushi; or the savory pork-stuffed dumplings that melt in your mouth — they kept me spending dining dollars until I ended up having $2 left by today. Whew, my spending strategy worked out all right! 

The first semester of college has been really fun and exciting! I do look forward to the spring semester, with new classes and new opportunities to form more memories with friends. 

About me

Hi guys, I'm Tracy, a newbie Spider at Richmond! My majors are probably Computer Science and Math, and I'm so in love with my current Math/CS classes. They're all amazing! A little more about my background: I'm from Vietnam, but I went to high school in Nebraska. It feels so weird to be a freshman again, when you practically know nobody at school, keep getting lost while finding your classes, always look up to your upperclassmen (no actually, with my height of 5ft2'',  I technically look up to everyone); and struggle with all the new changes.

Yet, it's also exciting! If you haven't already known, University of Richmond offers a wealth of choices in academics, research opportunities, extracurricular activites and - most importantly - desserts. So my goal is to get out of my comfort zone, jump at different opportunities (or desserts) that intrigue me, and make the most out of my college experience. I love soccer, so my friends and I just formed an intramural team named Kiss My Pass. I'm also interested in martial arts, learning ballroom dancing, painting, learning guitar, baking, making new friends,  tutoring and volunteering. Yup, that's quite a lot! But I have 4 years here to follow my passions and become who I aspire to be. As a Spider Diarist, I will also make sure to keep you updated on my journey at Richmond!

Why UR?

I actually applied to UR on a whim without researching carefully about it. At that time, all those tedious Why X and "What's your plans bla bla bla" prompts have exhausted my meager creative juices, and writing college essays quickly rose to the top of my most dreaded chores. "Tell us about Spiders" was a fresh air. It revived the truly poetic, hopelessly romantic, exasperatingly dramatic and possibly neurotic side of me. In short, I loved the prompt; and with the waived application fee as a plus, I decided to apply to UR. It was not until I got accepted that I started visiting the school and seriously considering what it has to offer. During my first visit, as cliched as that might sound, I fell in love with Richmond. What's not to love about such helpful and outstanding professors, the wonderful opportunities to engage in research or study abroad, the vibrant, inclusive and diverse community, and again - most importantly - the irresistable desserts? I went to the admission office to pay my deposit right during that visit. And voilà, here I am as an excited baby Spider!