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March 12, 2013

I'm just going to warn you right now...this post is obnoxious. And yes, I'm hungry right now. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, I just wanted to share with you some of my favorite desserts that the University and the city of Richmond offer:

1. Gelato- Passport's gelato is to die for. I absolutely love it. They have different flavors that rotate out each week and I'm still deciding my favorite.


2. Mini Cupcakes- My Living Learning professor (which you'll hear about in my next blog!) brought us mini cupcakes from Pearl's Bakery a few minutes away from the University. I liked that class a lot anyway but the cupcakes made it even better

mini cupcakes

3. Cake- Dhall serves cake a LOT. Sometimes they have all sorts of weird types like Black Forest Cake. My favorites are below...just a plain chocolate cake and a delicious vanilla cake. I only have found that vanilla cake in dhall one time (which is probably a good thing!)

chocolate cake  the best cake

Now that you know some of the best desserts on campus (there are several more!) you'll be armed and ready when you have to make your decision at the dessert station.

Hi, I'm Rebecca. I'm from Saint Louis but haven't lived there my whole life. In fact, I've actually moved thirteen times! I'm the oldest of eight kids which is pretty atypical nowadays. So, in case you were curious about what its like to live with so many small children, I made you a list.

9 ways you know you have a big family:

1. Doing laundry is definitely an all day affair

2. Buying a cow seems like an economical alternative to buying milk

3. You have two refrigerators AND two freezers

4. You refer to your family's twelve passenger van as "hot wheels"

5. You drive your siblings to a violin lesson and people think the orchestra has arrvied

6. Food just seems to disappear 

7. You see a "normal" sized family and wonder how they keep from feeling lonely

8. The number of shoes in your house rivals Imelda Marcos

9. Your family picture takes up the entire wall

Other interesting things about me? I'm planning on majoring in history and possibly leadership studies. I'm a Richmond Scholar so feel free to ask me about that. I love traveling and can't wait to spend a semester or year abroad. I play the violin and have for about ten years. Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. My new favorite TV show is Vampire Diaries (don't hate me, I'm sorry!) I hope you enjoy my posts!

Why UR?

Why UR? Well, it was the small class sizes, School of Leadership Studies, reputation of good academics, and sheer curiosity that made me apply. But, seeing the dedicated faculty, sitting in a fascinating class discussion, and meeting so many friendly people was what made me commit.