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About Me
November 30, 2017
My Favorite Study Spots

aka: where to find Noella for the next two weeks

November 30, 2017
A Day in the Life of a College Student

~time management~ aka trying to be an adult

September 17, 2017
How I Got Here

aka: the time my mom got to have the biggest "i told you so" moment 

Hey everyone! My name is Noella and I'm a freshman at the University of Richmond.  I was born in Los Angeles, California and grew up in Orange County in a city that’s 20 minutes from Disneyland (but I just tell everyone I’m from LA because it’s easier). And no, I do not run into celebrities all the time and yes, it is true that California’s definition of winter is any weather that hits below 70 degrees.  I’m an avid coffee drinker, chocolate eater, and deep sleeper.  I also tend to go out of my way and intentionally take alternate routes just to ask people if I can pet their dog.  Anyways, I think I want to major in political science and international studies with a minor French, but who knows.  We’ll see where this journey takes me.  

Why UR?

Why a liberal arts college?  Because I knew I wanted a small classroom setting rich with opportunity.  I wanted to be a unique individual, not just a number among thousands of other students.  Why Virginia?  Because I wanted to experience “real” weather.  Because I wanted to see if I could survive on my own.  Why Richmond?  Because I couldn’t bear to be stuck in the middle of nowhere;  I needed to be at least an hour away from a major city.  Why UR?  Because it took every single answer to the questions above, combined it together, and added a touch of “home.”  It’s where I belong.