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Conch Fritters Anyone?

October 4, 2014

Last weekend, West Indian Lynk hosted its first event of the semester and it was definitely a success. We spent Friday night cooking, baking and bonding, and Saturday afternoon we hosted a social and finally got to enjoy the fruits of our labor. At home, its pretty common for holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas to do at least some prep work and baking the night before the event. We usually prepare and eat A LOT of food.

For our event we prepared typical Bahamian cuisine, which included fried Snapper (fish), Johnny bread, macaroni, conch fritters, and pound cake.

About six of us shared this counter. Believe me, there was never a dull moment:


The fish we cooked with was the Red Snapper. My favorites are the Nassau Grouper, Snappers, and Margate Fish.


The finished product. From top to bottom is: fish, macaroni and johnny bread. On the right-hand side are conch fritters. 


My theme this weekend is pretty similar to last week's: food. My roommate and I headed to Carytown for dinner on Friday, and I must say I was pretty impressed with the dining options in Carytown. Carytown is about 12 minutes from campus and I’d definitely recommend it for others interested in getting out of this bubble that is the University of Richmond. There are a lot of restaurants to choose from as well as a theatre and clothing stores. Best of all, it’s a safe place at night. 

Here I am enjoying dinner at Mellow Mushroom:


It was fun connecting with my roommate, but the food was also really good...five star worthy I'd say.

Everyday I'm better adjusting to life in Richmond. A year ago, I would've never thought I would like this place as much as I do now.
Anyway, I'd better get back to work. Until next time! 

Sweet Victory by Trip Lee 


#116clique #Romans1:16 #UnashamedOfTheGospel #grace&peace                    

Helloooo prospective students, I’m Natishkah. :) 

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  1. I believe in the one true God and I aim to please Him in all that I do. For His glory alone. 
  2. I was born in the best month of the year. Yes of course, that must mean I was born in August -the 21st to be exact. Major events such as the birth of Usain Bolt, Jamaica’s six-time (and counting) Olympic sprinting champion help to support my belief that August 21st is quite an awesome day to be born. 
  3. I was born in the Caribbean country of the Bahamas –a special shout out to the Caribbean prospective students! The Bahamas is made up of over 700 islands and cays -about 30 of which are inhabited. I live on the tiny island of New Providence, the Capital. 
  4. I love track and field. I’ve been a track athlete for about 10 years, and a hurdler for about 3 years. I’m a member of the track and field team here at UR. 
  5. Music is also a love of mine. Artist like Lecrae, Trip Lee, Tasha Cobbs, KB, Britt Nicole and India Arie, are all my favorites.
  6. I’m not much good at singing but strangely enough and much to the annoyance of my siblings -and pretty soon, my roommate- I LOVE to sing.
  7. I love volunteering, I love eating, and I like reading.
  8. I consider myself to be adventurous. I’m always willing to try something new, so long as it’s fairly safe.
  9. I’m a big fan of travelling and that includes outdoor camping trips. Within the last two years, I’ve gone camping four times. I’ve probably had enough of it for the next twenty years though.
  10. I’m empathetic. 
  11. I often prefer expressing myself on paper. Not because I don’t enjoy face-to-face interaction (I love being able to read between the lines through people’s facial expressions, behavior and tone of voice), but because I’m an analyzer and writing gives me more time to gather, reflect and edit my thoughts.
  12. Oh, and did I mention I’m often referred to as a perfectionist. I don’t agree. I just prefer getting things right the first time. ;)