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Final Reflections

April 26, 2014

Final Reflections

This is my final blog as a Spider Diarist.  I’m graduating on May 11th, after four wonderful years here.  For my last post, I don’t want to get into an existential discussion of where my life is going or how I’ve changed as a person during college.  I just want to talk about what I’m going to miss most when I leave this place.  If you are a current student, you will probably share some of the same sentiments.  If you are a prospective student, I hope this helps convince you to apply/attend, because this is truly a great place to study.

Just a few of the things I am going to miss:

1.  Getting croissants and going for a walk around the lake with my friend Carolyn every Friday morning.

2.  Playing in the symphony orchestra

3.  Wearing a toga and feeling that it’s an appropriate wardrobe decision

4.  Taking naps in the comfy armchairs in Boatwright Library

5.  The blueberry scones at the Dining Hall

6.  Talking about science research and hanging out with my fellow biochem majors

7.  Going on bike rides in Richmond

8.  Living less than a mile away from the James River

9.  Having life chats with my research mentor Carrie Wu

10.  Staying up until 3am with my roommates dancing to strange music videos on YouTube

11.  Spending all afternoon in DHall, avoiding work

12.  Living within a five minute walk of all my friends

13.  Observing/Participating in the drunken antics on weekends

14.  The MRC collection of foreign films

15.  Studying in Gottwald early in the morning

16.  Listening to research presentations

17.  The French Film Festival

18.  Working at the Cellar

19.  The satisfaction of turning in a 30-page paper.

20.  The second floor of Ryland Hall

21.  Volunteering at William Byrd Community garden and planting vegetables with my friend and mentor Matthew

22.  Going to service at Epiphany Lutheran Church

23.  Working in research lab with all my Wu-lab friends

24.  My roommate (and partner in crime) Amelia

25.  Running on the track at the Weinstein Gym

26.  Feeling inspired after a particularly good lecture

27.  Having lunch with my friend Alisha and our FYS professor E. Ransom

28.  The glazed donuts at the Forest Hill farmer’s market

29.  Visiting Belle Isle

30.  Wearing a snuggie as a comfort mechanism while studying for exams

31.  Going on trips with the Oldham Scholars

32.  The monstrous pieces of cake at Shyndigz bakery

33.  Going to $2 movies at the Byrd Theater

34.  The kinda-Gothic kinda-Tudor architecture and beautiful landscaping

35.  The cookbook and food culture section of the library (section TX)

36.  Playing in the snow on the IM fields

37.  Writing this blog

38.  My friends, professors, mentors, and all the other people who make this school such a friendly, open environment.

It’s been a great four years.  Thanks for reading.  

I am a junior majoring in biochemistry. I chose Richmond because it is a small community with well-rounded academics and unique opportunities. My hobbies and interests range from reading the Sunday comics to running and playing violin. I am a member of a local Lutheran church and am a member of the Intervaristy Christian Fellowship chapter on campus. As a science major, I do research in the biology department. My favorite television show has always been the Simpsons; my favorite Ben and Jerry’s flavor is “Half-Baked;” and my celebrity idol is Julia Child. Two weird facts about me: I can ride a unicycle and I love Volvo station wagons.  Cooking is a major part of my life, and my current career goal is to become a food writer or food scientist.