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I Like Food

April 3, 2018

“I like food, food tastes good”

I Like Food, the Descendents

As you’ve probably noticed after nearly four years’ worth of blogs, I really like food.

Over the years, I’ve profiled a number of restaurants and food related adventures with this blog, but recently I was able to go on a whole new type of food adventure.

A food tour.

It’s basically what it sounds like.

A guide meets you at a designated location & takes you to a number of restaurants/food vendors in whatever part of the city you’re in, where you’re then given a variety of samples and servings.

My tour was especially interesting since it was in the south side of Richmond, an area I’d never even driven through, let alone eaten in.

And boy did I eat.

I had bagels at Kitchenette, empanadas at Happy Empanada, and a truly magical type of pastry at WPA Bakery.

As much as I love going back to my favorite places in Richmond, it’s adventures like the food tour that remind me there’s show much more to see and do and Richmond.

Although I’m not quite sure what my post-grad life is going to look like, I’m excited that I’ll be figuring it out here in Richmond.

So at least no matter what direction I go I know I’m going to have a food time. 

Hi my name is Maren and I'm a freshman at the University of Richmond. I was born and raised right outside of Dallas, Texas and have consequently heard every Texas stereotype you can think of. I'll go ahead and put on record that I don't wear cowboy boots nor have I ever ridden a horse to school. I love to travel and have to date been to over twelve different countries, including Israel, Peru, and Hungary. I'm a huge history buff and collect random history trivia like old ladies collect cats. I also enjoy reading and watching movies/tv equally, although the subject matter and depth of each fluctuates often. Toss in the fact that I'm a Sagittarius and fluent in three different types of sarcasm and you'll have more than enough information to navigate my diary entries for the rest of the year.

Why UR?

Why UR? It was the summer of 2011 and I was just wrapping up an internship in DC. When I mentioned how much I loved the area, my boss recommended that I look at the University of Richmond for college. Fast forward about two years and you have me on my first tour of the campus thinking, "If inanimate objects had souls, the University of Richmond would be my soulmate." While visiting UR I became smitten with its red brick architecture, awed by its dedicated faculty, and enticed by its massive dessert bar in the main dining hall. Richmond's location in a metropolitan area with world-class museums, theaters, and other cultural necessities (like Target) all while having a true separate campus community was a dream come true. All this and more is why I applied Early Decision, and I haven't looked back since.