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December 2, 2017

“Work, work, work, work, work, work”

Work, Rihanna

Although I’m a big believer in writing about the things I do for fun with this blog, I also try to take the time to answer questions about the perhaps not as fun, but still equally important parts of college life.

For example – “how do you get a job on campus?”

It’s a good and important question, and although I will only be able to answer it based on my own personal experience I will do my best to make my answer as inclusive as possible.

To begin, the University of Richmond does offer work-study opportunities to its students.

I personally do not know a whole lot about how that specific type of arrangement works, but I do know that it is possible and that a quick call to the university’s admission’s department should be able to give you the details that you need.

Another venue for employment that I know at least a tad more about personally is finding a job through the university’s big job fair that is held at least once a semester towards the start of the academic year.

Many of UR’s departments and offices, ranging from academics to athletics and everything in between comes together to show the student body the many jobs students are eligible to apply for for the upcoming year.

Of course, this is not the only time of year where students will be told about job openings across campus.

Various forms of informational distribution, ranging from flyers to department emails are sent to the student body throughout the year that tell students when job openings have magically appeared out of the ether, and professors and even fellow students are always quick to pass on information about job offerings as well.

Of course, job acquisition and position vary by student.

One of my roommates works a set number of hours each week for one specific job on campus.

My other roommate works one specific set of hours for one job and does a type of freelance/as needs must kind of job for a completely different department.

I personally have several jobs on campus that form an odd mix of set obligations and “on your own time” parameters.

The origins of each job vary as well too.

For example, my job as a tour guide was a true “hey we’re hiring, here’s the application, now here’s the weeks of training” kind of job.

I was hired as a first year and continue the job to this day. Once in that job I was able to apply for a higher leadership position within the program, giving me two jobs within the admissions department where I can essentially set my own tours hours as long as I meet a certain minimum and comes with a number of regularly scheduled leadership meetings and commitments.

My job as research assistant for a Leadership Studies professor came when after taking two of this professor’s classes she realized that we were vibrating on the same nerdy frequency and hired me to be her RA once she started a new project.

My job as a Roadmap Student Assistant was another first year “hey there’s an opening here” type of application and has since evolved into me not only continuing as a SA every year since but also led to a applied-for promotion and an additional job as an out-of-office freelance assistant as well.

Last but not least, there is of course my blogging job, a job that you longtime readers will know that I’ve held since the summer I started college.

So yeah.

As all things with the university, there’s no one way of doing things. My own schedule and interests, not to mention a great deal of luck and at least some talent, has led to me holding a number of set hour and freelance-like jobs that I juggle along with my school work, adventures, and a growing dependency on going to the gym every day in order to listen to the Queens of England podcast – which I, as a side note, highly recommend.

Regardless of whether you are looking for one job or several, I know that you will find something here at the university and even if it takes a little time I promise that before you know it everything is going to work out just fine.

Hi my name is Maren and I'm a freshman at the University of Richmond. I was born and raised right outside of Dallas, Texas and have consequently heard every Texas stereotype you can think of. I'll go ahead and put on record that I don't wear cowboy boots nor have I ever ridden a horse to school. I love to travel and have to date been to over twelve different countries, including Israel, Peru, and Hungary. I'm a huge history buff and collect random history trivia like old ladies collect cats. I also enjoy reading and watching movies/tv equally, although the subject matter and depth of each fluctuates often. Toss in the fact that I'm a Sagittarius and fluent in three different types of sarcasm and you'll have more than enough information to navigate my diary entries for the rest of the year.

Why UR?

Why UR? It was the summer of 2011 and I was just wrapping up an internship in DC. When I mentioned how much I loved the area, my boss recommended that I look at the University of Richmond for college. Fast forward about two years and you have me on my first tour of the campus thinking, "If inanimate objects had souls, the University of Richmond would be my soulmate." While visiting UR I became smitten with its red brick architecture, awed by its dedicated faculty, and enticed by its massive dessert bar in the main dining hall. Richmond's location in a metropolitan area with world-class museums, theaters, and other cultural necessities (like Target) all while having a true separate campus community was a dream come true. All this and more is why I applied Early Decision, and I haven't looked back since.