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Happy Birthday to Me #LivingLifeOnTheEdge #JKI'mATotalWimp

November 27, 2013

I have a really great group of friends. If you say I don’t then you’d better look down and call 911, cause I’m pretty sure your pants are on fire. Seriously, I’d get on that; burnt pants don’t smell too great (I know that from personal experience, if that says anything about my life). Like I said, I’m part of a really great group of people (We call ourselves the Brunch Bunch, a deceptively lame name for such a cool group of people), but come October (my birthday month) I was the newest member. The majority of them had been hanging out with each other since Orientation, so I was the odd one out... Or so I thought. Can anybody say “predictable foreshadowing”? Whaaaat...

 When I first started hanging out with them (see my entry about Fall Break) they had recently celebrated Zack’s birthday by decorating his dorm with an obscenely large number of streamers and balloons, rigging up a sheet so that whoever stood beneath it would suddenly have a large amount of balloons dropped on their head, a la getting slimed on Nickelodeon, getting him a pie instead of a cake per a preference briefly, innocently mentioned months beforehand, taking him out to Nacho Mamma’s in Carytown, and making a huge sign that said “Happy Birthday Mr. B!” (The “B” of course, stands for “Best Friend”... the guy is pretty rad, what can I say?). It was a big deal and they made it a truly fantastic deal. 

A few weeks later on October 30th, the day before my birthday, we celebrated Princess Enna’s birthday- by Princess Enna I mean McKenna Jensen who is truly a prettyprettypretty princess at heart, and that, I assure you, is intended as a compliment. The Brunch Bunch did the mandatory dorm door decorating (Hooray for alliteration!), but before dinner at DHall, we all lined up for a surprise procession to her door. One at a time we gave her a pink balloon with Tony, last in line, giving her a Sleeping Beauty card (He made it himself- the boy has mad drawing skills- while the rest of us signed it) and a crown on a pillow. On any other occasion I would have snorted and said it was melodramatic and cheesy, and, you know what, it was a little bit, and maybe thats what made it so fun and sweet. After our little parade, we went to DHall for dinner, ate at our usual table in the third room, and then left for LoRo, saying we were done for the night. On the way back, we took the unsuspecting Enna on detour to the Westhampton Deanery where some of us were waiting with a cake. We passed the cake around, sang happy birthday, and then went back to LoRo -for realsies- to watch movies. Again, it was a big deal.... and my birthday was the next day, plus I was the new kid, plus it was Halloween, so I didn’t expect much. 

True to my expectations, nobody really paid me any extra attention. A few people in the group wished me a happy birthday but most of their attention was taken up by the fact that it was, you know... freaking Halloween. At the end of the day, in the group message Tony suggested that that night to DHall, instead of wearing costumes like most people were, we should wear fancy clothes. It was a clever play on words. Geddit? Dressing up? Cause any other day than Halloween, dressing up would mean wearing fancy clothes? Yes? Either way, on my way back to LoRo to get dolled up I ended up stopping outside of my dorm door and smiling. They had decorated my door with green streamers and green and silver balloons, a.k.a. the colors of my favorite Hogwarts house and hung up two signs- clearly made by Tony again- that were Harry Potter and Star Wars themed. They knew what was up. Inside my dorm, the entire floor was covered with more green and silver balloons, and I mean covered. I had to wade through balloons to get to my bed which was also covered with streamers and balloons. I was unbelievably happy. They hadn’t forgotten after all and had, in fact, decorated my dorm more thoroughly than the other two birthday rooms I had seen. I was very, very pleased and wasn’t expecting anymore. Now, if you have anything resembling any sense at all, you’ll be able to understand, that, because of that last sentence, other stuff ended up happening that night. Just FYI, in case you weren’t sure if you were dumb or not. 

               My room

               ma door

               door signs

                           D'awwww how cute is my dorm?!

We met in the LoRo basement which I thought was strange since the boys had to walk all the way across campus in their suits, when they could have just met us at DHall like usual. I brushed it off though, I mean it was Halloween and we were dressed to kill, so it made sense for us to make a grand appearance all together. Zahra ushered us out the door while everyone else in the group loudly talked about how they felt like eating Italian food tonight. When, and only when, people started heading towards their cars instead of the DHall did I figure something was up. Goodness, I’m clueless. I asked if we were going somewhere other than DHall in my typical eloquent, insightful way, to which Sarah replied/yelled very sarcastically, “Hashtag she knows guys!” 

We piled into two different cars and drove to Godknowswhere, with Godknowswhere ending up being Olive Garden. Inside we were shown to this big party room that Starke Jett VI (Yes, thats his real name and, yes I usually call him by his full name) had reserved beforehand in a stroke of foresight that I would not have thought him capable of a few hours previous. Once we were all sitting down, Emma gave me the choice between wearing a crown and a witch’s hat. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the night wearing a Cinderella tiara and goddammit, I felt pretty. Pardon the thoroughly offensive language. I hope I haven’t tainted your virgin ears. 


                               Look at my Cinderella crown :D!

After ordering and eating some nummy food, the waitress brought me a cake that read, “Happy Birthday Pott-head!” Even though I am from California, “pott” with a double-t, did not refer to pot with a single-t, hash, weed, marijuana, whatever you wanna call it, but to my obsession with Harry POTTer. The cake was even nummier than the food and after eating it and receiving a happy birthday phone call from a friend from back home who I hadn’t talked to in ages (Tyler Dawson, I’m looking at you), we returned to UR. Hint: They still weren’t done making my night.


                         My pretty NOT-DRUG-RELATED cake.

Once we pulled onto campus we decided to go to the Haunted House that The Players put on, since it was the last night it was running and we had two friends involved in it. It was absolutely terrifying, so kudos to The Players for that... Zahra collapsed from fear just entering the second room. Thats how scary it was. Anyways, in one part there was this really long, black hallway filled with people, but the only part of them you could see was their white masks. It was horrifying. As we were walking along- for some reason I was in front- one actor started jumping in front of me, trying to block my path and get all up in my face. I pretty much started running at that point, especially when I felt someone grab my arm. Eventually I realized that they weren’t trying to suck my soul into the depths of Hades, but the actor was, in fact, my friend Alyssa who was trying to give me a happy birthday cupcake in the middle of the freaking haunted house. Pardon me for being protective of my everlasting soul. On a more serious note, Alyssa please pardon me for screaming and almost ripping your arm off. I really had no idea that you weren’t about to throw me into the blazing fires of hell where I would be screaming and gnashing my teeth in anguish for all ages. It was then that we went back to LoRo and bed. 


  It got a little messed up in my dash for freedom, but a "Colossal Cupcake Chocolate Red Velvet" will taste good in any shape.

Like I said, I have great friends. Thank you Brunch Bunch, you gave me one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had and really made me feel, for the first time in Virginia, like I actually, truly, genuinely belonged somewhere and that I was definitely wanted there.

This really informal, not well done blog is dedicated to Alyssa Ross, Aggie Gjerloev, Sarah Flaherty, Bryan Daunt, Dinc Ciftci, Emma Ratini, Matt Williamson, Zack Copeland, Paige Warner, Princess Enna, Sarah Abel, Starke Jett VI, Tony Da Lomba,  Zahra Ehtesham, and all other members of the Brunch Bunch.

               pic1 at olive garden

               pic 2 olive garden

Awww... all the feels <3


MaddieL, pott-head, chocolate-lover, nocturnal-person, top-notch doodler, Marlon Brando fanatic, member of the Westhampton Class of ’17, and not the-odd-one-out. 

               group halloween pic

Group Halloween pic (Note: the Rosie the Riveter in front above was not me... it was a pretty popular costume apparently, cause there was a ton of us)


    Halloween selfies in a messy room, 'cause Halloween and 'cause college

So here's the deal, my name is Maddie and I'm kind of about my home state of California and that #collegelyfe. Quick and clean facts: I travel a lot, worship my family (two parents, three sisters, two brothers, two nephews, two nieces, and a ton of cousins), listen to classic rock and jazz, read Harry Potter way too often, am Red Bull's main consumer, play on the Women's Ultimate Frisbee team, eat a lot of ice cream, am a Psychology/Criminal Justice double major, a Boatwright Scholar, and really want to be, like, a female James Bond, 'cause that would just be such an exciting, badass life, amirite? 

Take care and read up, folks, 

Maddie Lawrence

Westhampton Class of '17,

Why UR?

Why UR? Cause I'm about that life. No, seriously, I chose UR cause its a good school that gave me a big scholarship... thats why I chose Richmond, and now that I'm here, I know how many other good reasons there are to attend. Reasons like all the awesome people, reasons like the amazing desert bar in the D-Hall, reasons like how pretty the lake is at sunset, reasons like the Big/Little program, reasons like how interesting classes turn out to be (even classes with majorly boring names!), plenty of good reasons, in other words. Remember, one richmond, spider nation, we are UR.