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November 3, 2016

So before I even start the article, we need to address something. Halloween?



Ok, thats settled, so it's time to move on….

Its that time of year again, folks. Time to talk about— drumroll, please— MAH BIRFDUR!!!! (a.k.a. my birthday, for those of you *coughParentscough* who don’t speak internet)

And this year is a doozy. Why? Because I turned—drumroll again, please— twenty-one years old! Twenty-one is a big year that generally opens some doors… and I’m not going to say those doors are doors to bars, but they totally are. 

So, rewinding a bit, remember how I said Halloween was the greatest day of the year? Well it also happens to be my birthday. I do treat them as separate occasions, but thought it would be worth mentioning. Cause like Halloween is October 31st and my birthday is October 31st so its relevant to this article. And, uh, therefore, I should have brought that up. Soooo… yaaaa…. Someone stop me from talking, I’m starting to spiral. 

Ok, well, back on track, the day started off with birthday texts and getting more than six hours of sleep. I went to brunch in dhall, sat with a few friends, had very relaxed banter, and then just walked around the lake for a bit, treating myself to a Virginian autumn. 


...to beautiful leaves. 


I spent the rest of the afternoon lounging in front of the library, doing work and occasionally chatting with friends over our steaming coffees. My only class, a psychology senior seminar titled Heroes and Villains, was from 3:00-4:20. Frisbee practice started at 5:00, but I dipped out early to have an HR meeting with Dean Benner which lasted from 6:00-7:00. 

Up until the end of that meeting my day had been so supremely ~chill~. It was an exceptionally beautiful day, I had gotten plenty of sleep, and I could now call myself a twenty-something. No fuss, just a pretty and relaxed day that involved me now being twenty-one. It was everything that I, a crotchety old lady, could want. 

Real birthday celebrations, however, begin… 

at night


Friends and I piled in a few cars and headed downtown to Capital Ale House*. As we were waiting to be seated (Remember to make reservations, kids. And also to not do drugs), I approached the bar to order my first beer, waited excitedly to show the bartender my ID, aaaaaaand then wasn’t carded. I was almost (read: actually) offended. My friend then insisted that he card me because it was my 21st birthday. In response, the bartender checked my ID, laughed, and shoved my a glass, saying, “Its on the house.” SOOOOO, like, good start to my birthday dinner at Capital Ale House, amirite?

We crowded around a polished wooden table under industrial lights, near a window that overlooked downtown Richmond. We gossiped and laughed. We watched a passerby struggle to fit his bike lock in his back pocket for about 15 minutes. We reached across the table to share artichoke-crab dip and Bavarian pretzels. I watched as the mixed grow of friends from different social spheres found common ground and giggled together. The food was warm and delicious, the drinks were cool, the conversation was what some people would describe as “sparkling”, and I can characterize the overall atmosphere as how cuddling feels. 

It was a nice night.

When I returned to my dorm, I put on pajamas and then heard a knock on my door. I went to look around, but there was no one in the hall, so I returned to my room. Somehow, somehow, in the fifteen seconds I was gone, my incredibly sneaky friend Starke had gotten into my room and left a present on my bed. That was the first unexpected present………..But seriously Starke, if you’re reading this, how????

The next day I returned from a meeting to find another present and card waiting outside my door for me, this time from my friend Faizan. He had been asking what I wanted for my birthday a few days previously and I had told him I wanted either a) to hear a bunch of his worst, cheesiest pick up lines, or b) for him to make a fool of himself and film it, so I could have some blackmail material. He had been hitting me with pick up lines all day, so I figured that was my present (something I’m totally ok with. I love terrible pickup lines, jokes, and puns). NOPE. More love and gifts. Unexpected gift number two. 

The next day, I returned to my room around 1:30 in the morning— I had been watching Survivor and then the World Series with friends— so I was hella ready to sleep. Instead, I walk inside my room and *boom* there was a jack o’ lantern with the words “Happy Birthday” carved into it and the sweetest note and decorations you've ever seen attached to the stem. Unexpected gift number three (and the last of them, I think. Ill let y'all know if another pops up). 


Aint it cute????!!!


So, what're my overall thoughts on my birthday? Top-freaking-notch. 



And now that Halloween has passed, I can sign off by saying Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

-Madd”ImAlreadyListeningToMichaelBubleSingingChristmasCarols”ie Lawrence, Proud Member of the Westhampton Class of 2017




So here's the deal, my name is Maddie and I'm kind of about my home state of California and that #collegelyfe. Quick and clean facts: I travel a lot, worship my family (two parents, three sisters, two brothers, two nephews, two nieces, and a ton of cousins), listen to classic rock and jazz, read Harry Potter way too often, am Red Bull's main consumer, play on the Women's Ultimate Frisbee team, eat a lot of ice cream, am a Psychology/Criminal Justice double major, a Boatwright Scholar, and really want to be, like, a female James Bond, 'cause that would just be such an exciting, badass life, amirite? 

Take care and read up, folks, 

Maddie Lawrence

Westhampton Class of '17,

Why UR?

Why UR? Cause I'm about that life. No, seriously, I chose UR cause its a good school that gave me a big scholarship... thats why I chose Richmond, and now that I'm here, I know how many other good reasons there are to attend. Reasons like all the awesome people, reasons like the amazing desert bar in the D-Hall, reasons like how pretty the lake is at sunset, reasons like the Big/Little program, reasons like how interesting classes turn out to be (even classes with majorly boring names!), plenty of good reasons, in other words. Remember, one richmond, spider nation, we are UR.