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About Me
October 2, 2016

No, not the llama with the hat, the mascot of the one and only Camp Kesem!

October 1, 2016
Put on your safety goggles

Cause this lab is FIRE

August 29, 2016
IQS: For the best

What is it? How did it go? A reflection on a huge part of my freshman year

May 1, 2016
Drumroll please

Summer 2016 is here!

April 12, 2016

AKA how to make Liz cry tears of joy

April 3, 2016
We're gonna dance the night away

...or the afternoon, but what's the difference?

March 1, 2016
To go Greek or not to go Greek?

That is the question.

February 25, 2016

Has gone away, but what we did is here to stay

January 8, 2016
Never trust an atom

They make up everything

December 28, 2015
So close, and yet so far

TV is tough, amiright

Hi there! I'm Liz: a mac n' cheese lover, a singer-in-the-showerer, a mantis shrimp enthusiast, a bad joke master and a cartwheeler extraordinaire. I love dogs and chocolate (but mostly dogs) and pretending I'm a better dancer than I am. I have two little brothers back home and I love them very much (hi Stephen and David!), even though they're too cool for me sometimes. I'm also a freshman here at UR, hailing from New Jersey, ready to take on whatever college throws my way! I'm happiest when I'm busy, so you'll be seeing me trying out a lot of stuff on campus -- some of it will work out well, and some of it will not, but I'll be sure to keep you posted!

Why UR?

I went into detail about this in my first blog post here, but for now I'll keep it short and sweet. I wanted a school where I felt at home, with small classes and big opportunities, with both people like me and people who were anything but. I wanted to be able to diversify my interests inside and outside the classroom and build a solid foundation for my career and my life, and Richmond checked off all of those boxes big-time.