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March 29, 2013
SEEDS Photo Diary

A photo diary of the SEEDS trip over Spring Break to West Virginia.

March 26, 2013
SEEDS pt 2: Muddy Waters

McDowell County, West Virginia is an enchanting place. As you can tell from my last post, much of the community is living in entrenched poverty that took root before the mining towns were even built. Despite the obviousness of such a question, Marsha told us that there’s only one response to the city of War that she hates: “Why doesn’t everyone just leave?” It was a question we kept battling with throughout the trip, and certainly a question to which we never found an answer. Yet nonetheless, I do think we all came to understand and empathize with Marsha’s passionate reaction.

March 20, 2013
SEEDS pt 1: A history lesson on McDowell County, WV

Over Spring Break I went to West Virginia with SEEDS (Students Engaging and Enacting a Dialogue on Service). I can say without a doubt that SEEDS has been the most impactful single thing I’ve been involved with since coming to college (so expect quite a few posts detailing our week).

March 3, 2013
Earth Lodge Love

We announced next year’s class of Earth Lodge this week! I realized I haven’t ranted incessantly about EL nearly as much this semester, so in case you don’t know, EL is a living and learning program that focuses on the environment. EL is unique from other programs because it’s been around for almost a decade, while the more typical SSIRs (Sophomore Scholars in Residence) are only allowed a two year rotation. This means that EL has a distinct culture and heritage; a sense of community that links each year to all the other EL alums.

February 23, 2013
An Intimate Gathering in a Black Box Theatre

As many schools, UR has a constant stream of guest lecturers visiting campus, but due to our small size we have the privilege of interacting with these leading intellectuals and artists at a very intimate scale. This couldn’t have been more apparent than at Wednesday’s performance and discussion with artist Miwa Matreyek. Working in a unique combination of performance art, animation and projection, Matreyek has garnered considerable attention from the art world since graduating from CalArts in 2007.

February 5, 2013
The XX and Flow, Just Flow

Went to The XX the other night with Jenni. It was an incredible show that bolstered my respect and love for them so much. They're such a powerful trio, all adding so much in their own right.

January 25, 2013
Winter Break Photo Diary

These photos capture the feeling of what home has become. Home is the inarticulable still of the lake and the theatrical pace of the city. Home is chemical-green hair and perseverant but tattered lilly pads. Home is the unfamiliar, LED-lit living rooms of Capitol Hill and the windowless basements of Bellingham. Home is endless roadtrips between places I've felt I've known my whole life.   

January 22, 2013
Museum Hopping in New York

I spent the start of Winter Break in Brooklyn visiting my brother. I’d never stayed with him since he moved there, leaving his school in Boston to work in the Big Apple. It’s scary to believe he’s only two grades above me, and already he’s working on salary – four vacation days a year. It made me start to wonder about careers and grad school and the like. A horrifying topic that was only reiterated by my parents the remainder of the break. I also took the chance to visit some New York museums and galleries; here are my favorites...

December 4, 2012
"yikes." by René and Isabel

Here's a sweet video I had the pleasure in helping out with. I just hit play, René and Isabelle went crazy with sharpies and paint, and René pieced everything together.

December 2, 2012
Thanksgiving in New York pt2

Here's the second half of my trip to New York over Thanksgiving break. I went to my brother's new apartment for the first time, ate some great sushi, and hit up a Brooklyn bazaar. I also met up with an old friend who goes to Columbia, and played with some NY art kids in Central Park.

A quick set of sentences that start with "I":

I am a sophomore from Seattle, Washington.

I love the Pacific Northwest to an obnoxious degree, and everyone at UofR can vouch for that. Nonetheless, I am finding, slowly but surely, that this little place called Richmond feels like home.

I discovered rock climbing last year, and have since spent virtually every moment of freetime at the climbing gym. I am actively involved with our Outdoors Club on campus as well as being one of the VPs of GreenUR (our sustainability club).

I have changed my mind about my majors four times over the course of my first year, but (at the moment) believe I have come to settle on Arts Mangement. Art intrigues, confuses, and captivates me.

I lived in Tokyo my senior year of high school, and despite everything being unbearably cute, I realized I am more American than I'd ever dared to believe. Nonetheless, traveling anywhere and everywhere is my goal. I try to get out of Richmond as often as possible, and definitely plan to study abroad.

The following change every few weeks, but....

My favorite movies are Harold and Maude, Me and You and Everyone We Know, The Fall, & Lost in Translation.

My favorite books are The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Pilgrim at Tinker Creek, & The Fountainhead.

My favorite bands are The XX, James Blake, LCD Soundsystem, Nicolas Jaar, Bon Iver, & Shlomo

Why UR?

UR has an education unlike anywhere else. I know all of my professors so intimately, and there is always a community eager to help me along. After a five day visit as a prospective student I felt like I'd already found a group of friends. Of course, this group only blossomed into a wonderful network of people I can't believe I've only know one year. The lake and its surrounding campus are unreal. Too beautiful for words. The James is incredible, and Richmond's relationship with the river makes it unlike any other city in America. RICHMOND HAS THE BEST RESTAURANTS.