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May 17, 2013
One Final Piece of Advice

I can hardly believe that this is my last blog ever for Spider Diaries! It’s been a crazy, winding ride, from learning the ropes freshman year to studying abroad sophomore year to having the two craziest semesters ever during my junior year. Now, I’ve finished my second to last set of finals (!!) and I’m getting prepared to start my first major internship with an incredible non-profit (HALO Foundation) on Tuesday.

April 21, 2013
To All the Prospectives

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April 13, 2013


I’m not going to lie, the recent beautiful weather in Richmond has put a serious damper on my ability to focus.  I’d rather be sitting out in the sun and napping instead of sitting behind a boring computer screen writing about whatever the painful topic of the day is. 

April 7, 2013
Pig Roast 2013

Okay, so those of you that don’t know Pig Roast, here’s the skinny.  Pig Roast is a UofR tradition that involves awesome barbeque, hanging out at the fraternity lodges, live bands, corn hole, and lots of pastel.  Despite being a junior, Pig Roast 2013 was only my second Pig Roast experience.  Last year I was abroad, so I missed out.  But, since I’m graduating early, my second Pig Roast was also my last. 

April 6, 2013
Degree Auditing!

Degree Auditing…

Those are two words that could strike fear into the heart of even the most fearless seniors.  But what about me, the fearless early-grad junior?  When that little packet came in the mail, I felt mostly excited, a little nervous, and more than a little surprised.  I guess I didn’t realize that before they set you free they make you meet with advisors and department heads and then turn in paperwork with their signatures promising that you’re all set to go.  And I am!  All ready, all set, let’s go.

March 30, 2013
Internships, man.

Internships, man.  Pretty much every sophomore and junior is scouring all corners of the earth looking for the “perfect” internship.  After doing some considerable searching myself, I can tell you that there’s no such thing as a “perfect” internship.  You’ll have to make tough decisions, be honest with yourself, and find out what you’re really looking for.  After realizing that, hey, I really DO want to work in the non-profit sector, I decided to really go for an internship with the HALO Foundation in Kansas City.  And two weeks ago, I found out that I got the job!

March 30, 2013
Trafficking, Poverty, and Genocide

This semester I’ve been taking a class called Global Governance instructed by Dr. Monti Datta.  At first, I didn’t really understand what Global Gov was going to be like (I think I expected more political science and theory), but I’ve been pleasantly surprised that we’ve actually tackled three different issues that relate to global governance: human trafficking, poverty, and genocide. 

March 22, 2013
Mumps and Break and Quarantine, Oh My

As much as I love UofR, I’m always ready for a solid break from school.  And there’s no break quite like spring break.  Spring break always comes at just the right time… smack dab in the middle of the craziest semester of the year (spring semester is shorter, which makes it more intense).  My first year at Richmond I went to Panama City, FL (like any good college kid), my second year I was abroad in Ireland, this year (my last spring break) I went to DC with my fiancé.  Even though we stayed closer to home, it was the absolute perfect break.

March 16, 2013
That Time I had to Grow Up

I’ve mentioned this before, but I came into Richmond knowing exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up.  Or thinking I knew exactly what I wanted to be.  But the beauty of UofR is that they give you every single opportunity to second-guess yourself.  Suddenly, sitting in front of a metaphorical buffet of options, I was overwhelmed by the choices and opportunities that I have in life.

February 9, 2013
Residence Life and Daisies

Being an RA this year has been such a shaping and influential experience.  In fact, it was so interesting (and enjoyable, of course) that I applied and was accepted to be an RA again for my final semester at Richmond: Fall 2013!

Short and Sweet:

1.  I love to travel (anywhere, anytime, to do anything).

2.  I just got back from Northern Ireland (come to Richmond and study abroad.. seriously!).

3.  I'm an RA for first-year women... back to the old stomping grounds of Moore Hall!

4.  I'm in a nationally-recognized service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega.  On the weekends you'll see me hanging out at charity walks and playing with puppies.

5.  I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up and that's okay.

6.  I love rollercoasters, but I only just became tall enough to ride some of them!

7.  I'm an advocate of leaping before you look (most of the time).

8.  My favorite thing to do in Richmond is to hang out in Cary Town... go to Stuzzi (pizza) or Mom's Siam (Thai) if you're ever in town.

9.  I've moved 14 times!  Growing up as an Army brat was an awesome experience.

10.  I came to UofR because of the great study abroad opportunities, the incredible campus, the warm-hearted people, and the amazing array of possibilities!