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To All the Prospectives

April 21, 2013

You guys have been all over campus lately!  I’ve seen multitudes of accepted students trooping through Dhall, the collaborative section in the library, and even through the lower floor of Moore.  How are the tours going, guys?  Are you loving UR yet?

I just realized that you’re the last incoming class that I’ll be writing blogs for, so I’m getting a little sentimental and want to share my top 4 tips for prospies.  I completely love you guys and your bright shiny faces and your unexplainable attachment to every hoodie and lanyard that the bookstore sells, but I need to share some wise-upperclassman-woman wisdom. 

1)   Please, stay away from the lanyards.  I say this with nothing but love (and experience… I had a lanyard).  Every single freshman will have them your first semester here, but do yourself a favor… be ahead of the curve!  Don’t do it.  And if you have to do it, please don’t wear it around your neck.  Please.  Please.

2)   If you come to UR and there’s something you don’t like – speak out.  You, prospective student, are the change we all wish to see in the world.  So many upperclassmen I’ve spoken to regret not realizing sooner that there were things they’d like to work to change on campus.  It’s too late for us, but it’s not too late for you!

3)   Don’t be that kid that produces word-vomit all over the Class of 2017 Facebook page.  Yes, it’s so exciting to be connected to each other and to us big kids, but please know that people will remember you if you post crazy things on the regular.  By all means ask questions and make connections (seriously, I promise that we don’t make fun of you for asking reasonable things) but don’t lose all decorum.  There are adults and upperclassmen that actually moderate that page… writing “CAN’T WAIT TO [expletive] DRINK ALL NIGHT PARTY ALL NIGHT WITH ALL YOU [expletive]!!!!!!” or “So what’s the [insert drug] culture like at UR?” will not endear you to your future classmates, RAs, staff members, and friends.  If you really gotta do it, make a private group for your future hallmates/roommates

4)   Move-In Day.  Okay, at this point I’m assuming that you’re coming here (why not, we’re awesome and you’re still reading this post, aren’t you), so here’s my advice for Move-In Day.  1) Be super nice to your RA.  He/she is your ticket to all things housing/policy/and roommate related.  Start off on a good foot.  2) Be kind to your parents.  I know, I know, it’s stressful and they’re embarrassing you, but people will judge you on how kind and patient you are when your mom offers to iron your sheets for you.  Make a good first impression.  3) Handle all hiccups with grace.  Not everything goes as planned.  Sometimes your room is smaller than you expected, sometimes your roommate already stole the good side of the room by arriving at approximately 7 am and sneaking into the building.  Just breathe.  It’s going to be okay, I promise.

Short and Sweet:

1.  I love to travel (anywhere, anytime, to do anything).

2.  I just got back from Northern Ireland (come to Richmond and study abroad.. seriously!).

3.  I'm an RA for first-year women... back to the old stomping grounds of Moore Hall!

4.  I'm in a nationally-recognized service fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega.  On the weekends you'll see me hanging out at charity walks and playing with puppies.

5.  I'm still not sure what I want to be when I grow up and that's okay.

6.  I love rollercoasters, but I only just became tall enough to ride some of them!

7.  I'm an advocate of leaping before you look (most of the time).

8.  My favorite thing to do in Richmond is to hang out in Cary Town... go to Stuzzi (pizza) or Mom's Siam (Thai) if you're ever in town.

9.  I've moved 14 times!  Growing up as an Army brat was an awesome experience.

10.  I came to UofR because of the great study abroad opportunities, the incredible campus, the warm-hearted people, and the amazing array of possibilities!