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April 28, 2017

Procrastination is a unique phenomenon. I’m never more productive with things that aren’t of primary concern than when I’m avoiding a big assignment. Thinking back on the year, I’ve engaged in a multitude of somewhat funny means of procrastination.

First off, the cleanliness of my room often coincides with long essays. It’s amazing how many roadblocks I voluntarily create when I’d rather not get started on an essay. Laundry is the first thing on the list. Then, I’ve got to organize my desk and declutter my bookshelf. The cleaning even takes on virtual form as I begin to delete all the unnecessary emails clogging my inbox. But there was one time earlier this year, that trumps all the others. I even went to the great length of mopping my entire apartment floor. The words will never come if the tiles are dirty!

Secondly, I find myself more open to favors. Friends who need me to take a survey for the class: you can apparently count on me if I’ve got a project. Even as I wrote in an earlier post, I participated in a focus group which, while maintaining the incentive of free pizza, was also a way for me to put off homework until later.  

I also went on a LinkedIn rampage with a friend of mine earlier this semester. Whenever we did work together, we’d inevitably gravitate towards scrolling through suggested connections and sending waves of LinkedIn requests. We both justified our deviations from work with the claim that LinkedIn is the most professional form of social media and could potentially help us in our internship search. In reality, however, it was really just a veiled form of procrastination.

And finally, I sometimes put my video skills to work and spend an hour editing and exporting a video just to get a couple laughs from my friends—and because it’s fun. As an example, I took a snapchat of my friend Sam while he was doing his finance homework. I unexpectedly captured a great moment and decided it could use some music. Here it is:

My name is Joe. I am currently a freshman at the University of Richmond. I plan to major in Business (concentration undecided) and to minor in Creative Writing. I consider myself a man of diverse interests. I find just as much enjoyment in playing basketball as I do staying home to read a book. In terms of music, I'll listen to most anything, whether it's Frank Sinatra, today's top 100 hits, old school rap, or anything in between. Same goes for movies. New movies, old movies, black-and-white movies, action movies, romantic comedies, serious dramas. It doesn't matter; I'll watch them all (and often choose to). Aside from that, I'm simply excited to be at UR and to be able to share my experiences with prospective students, fellow classmates, and anyone else who may care to follow along.

Why UR?

A simple answer to the question "Why UR?" would be to say that it just felt right. Though, whereas that isn't inaccurate, I know how vague and frustrating an answer like that can be for readers. So, I will try to explain myself. The University of Richmond, as I researched it more and more, became continually more appealing. Every new thing I learned became another reason to attend. (That certainly was not the case with other schools.) I didn't have to wrestle with thoughts like, "I guess I can live with that" or "Maybe it won't seem like that when I'm actually there." In fact, even viewing the university with a critical eye, it was difficult to find something bad to say about it. That may sound like I'm simply affirming my final decision, but it's not easy to answer that question without directly showing someone what I'm trying to articulate. UR is a place that, although ripe for descriptive writing, must be experienced firsthand to truly understand. That, I believe, says more than any list of reasons ever could.