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An Abundance of Scares

October 31, 2017

In the spirit of Halloween, I thought it’d be a good idea to give you all a run-down of how you can participate in the October scares in Richmond. Here is a list of fun (and frightening) things to do if you’re a fan of the Halloween season:

Scream Forest

Out of all the haunted houses and trails I’ve gone on before, the Scream Forest is by far the best. Last year, I hopped onto the campus-provided shuttle and soon arrived at Creepy Hollow—an aptly named field and forest. When I braved my way through Scream Forest, there were three sections to overcome, each with its own brand of horror. One section was filled with clowns and chainsaws; another required that I inch through a pitch-black corridor, pushing supposed body bags out of the way. For anyone who loves haunted trails, I cannot recommend this one more.

Haunted Hayride

If haunted houses and creepy trails are too much for you, haunted hayrides will give you the right amount of chills without making you scared to turn off the lights when you return home. Despite not having taken it myself, Creepy Hollow has its own hayride. And if the quality of the experience is anything like the Scream Forest, I’d bet this one is well worth the money, too.

Richmond Ghost Tours

This is one October activity that I always miss out on because I forget that most tours run out of tickets quick once Halloween starts approaching. Some ghost tours are walking, while others take you around on a trolley. I’m always a big fan of scary stories and the cheesy but entertaining horror shows that fill much of the Travel Channel’s late night TV schedule. If you are too, these ghost tours are a great option. Just remember to be fast in securing tickets.

Scary movie marathon

If you’re looking for a theater experience, getting a group of friends to go to Short Pump to see the latest horror film is always a good option. Then, you can make your way back to the apartments for some Halloween classics. Or, maybe you’d prefer binging Stranger Things on Netflix. All are great options if you’re a horror genre fan. And if you can convince some of your more easily-frightened friends to join in, even better.

My name is Joe. I am currently a freshman at the University of Richmond. I plan to major in Business (concentration undecided) and to minor in Creative Writing. I consider myself a man of diverse interests. I find just as much enjoyment in playing basketball as I do staying home to read a book. In terms of music, I'll listen to most anything, whether it's Frank Sinatra, today's top 100 hits, old school rap, or anything in between. Same goes for movies. New movies, old movies, black-and-white movies, action movies, romantic comedies, serious dramas. It doesn't matter; I'll watch them all (and often choose to). Aside from that, I'm simply excited to be at UR and to be able to share my experiences with prospective students, fellow classmates, and anyone else who may care to follow along.

Why UR?

A simple answer to the question "Why UR?" would be to say that it just felt right. Though, whereas that isn't inaccurate, I know how vague and frustrating an answer like that can be for readers. So, I will try to explain myself. The University of Richmond, as I researched it more and more, became continually more appealing. Every new thing I learned became another reason to attend. (That certainly was not the case with other schools.) I didn't have to wrestle with thoughts like, "I guess I can live with that" or "Maybe it won't seem like that when I'm actually there." In fact, even viewing the university with a critical eye, it was difficult to find something bad to say about it. That may sound like I'm simply affirming my final decision, but it's not easy to answer that question without directly showing someone what I'm trying to articulate. UR is a place that, although ripe for descriptive writing, must be experienced firsthand to truly understand. That, I believe, says more than any list of reasons ever could.