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Out on the Town by Fun.

February 23, 2014

If you haven’t noticed by now, all of my blog posts happen to be headlined with song titles, whether you may know the artists or not. And I somehow manage to make the last words of every article the song title. It’s the little piece of me that I throw into every article. It’s my signature. So basically, I’m trying to say that I’m a music fanatic. A connoisseur if you will. But only of music from this day and age. For some reason I cannot seem to “follow” the oldies.

Prior to attending college, I would have described myself as having an affinity for the pop, electronic, and singer/songwriter genres. However, my music tastes have matured and focused more on the indie and alternative genres recently, though I love and listen to a little bit of everything.

Where I was going with this was…After having decided that I was coming to UR, I decided to look into Richmond’s music scene – remember at the time, I was very into bigger names – and I was very disappointed. Big names usually stop in either DC or Norfolk or even Charlottesville, all a ways away. And while Richmond is home to the National, I had yet to recognize it’s potential.

Andrew’s recent post about his trip to see the Arctic Monkeys inspired me to tell you all about my concert experiences and the music scene in Richmond.

Let’s begin with Fall of last year. I was a freshman, new to school, just finding my friend group, the whole shebang. It came to my attention that a few of my favorite bands would be attending a radio show’s “Winter Meltdown” concert in November down in Norfolk, VA. That’s two hours away. A hard place to get for a measly freshman without a car.

But Fun. was headlining, and with Imagine Dragons, Of Monsters and Men, Silversun Pickups, and The Last Bison also performing, this was a not-to-be missed, must-see concert. Mind you, this was just after “Radioactive” and “Some Nights” were released as singles and were climbing the charts. So I asked around and lo-and-behold I found a few friends on the Quidditch team who (1) loved Fun. and Imagine Dragons, (2) had a car, and (3) were willing to make the two hour drive down to Norfolk.

Winter Meltdown

96X Winter Meltdown group!

The concert was beyond. It was really the first concert I had been to by myself, without my parents. I was barely 10 feet from the stage. Imagine Dragons was great. Even though Dan, the lead singer, was sick, he sang his heart out and when his voice was weak, the crowd sang along for him. But they only played a half hour set, which left me wanting more. Fun. closed off the show with an amazingly energetic hour long set. Everyone was singing and the room exploded to “We Are Young.”

Imagine Dragons

Lead singer, Dan Reynolds, of Imagine Dragons belts "Radioactive"


Lead singer, Nate Ruess, of Fun. singing "Out on the Town"

Only a few months later, Imagine Dragons were set to play up in Silver Spring, MD. Another two hour drive, this time just north of DC. I posed the inquiry to my friends again and found it easy to find not only a ride, but also an entire group to hit up the Night Visions Tour with me. The opening act was an Australian alt band, Atlas Genius. This time, Dan was not sick and their set lasted for a good two hours. Another fantastic show and another wonderful night!

Imagine Dragons Again

Imagine Dragons performing on their Night Visions Tour.

Just before school let out last year for the summer, Fun. announced their Most Nights Tour. They would be coming to Charlottesville in the fall. So I found a group to go with, a ride, and immediately bought my ticket. So this past fall, after a little ticket fiasco (I managed to misplace the tickets over the summer…), we drove the hour to Charlottesville for the concert. Opening for Fun. was Tegan and Sara, Canadian indie rock twin sisters. The lighting was on point for the entire show and Fun.’s live musicianship was splendid. Nate Ruess and Jack Antonoff gelled so well on stage.

Fun. Again

Fun. performing on their Most Nights tour.

Moral of this story is that Richmond is actually a great place to be music-wise. We are located directly between two huge tour hubs in DC and the Norfolk area and we’re also close by to Charlottesville. And don’t forget about our very own music venue, the National! (I want to have another post about the music scene in Richmond, so I’ll leave my talk about the National for that.) Point is, don’t fret we have everything you could possibly be looking for in terms of music. Richmond is the perfect place to be in the music scene should you ever want to have Fun. and go

Out on the Town.

Tegan and Sara/Fun. Concert

Group shot from the Tegan and Sara/Fun. concert!

Hello all! My name is Garrett and I hail from Delaware, just outside of Newark. I am now a sophomore here at the University of Richmond and I am a returning Spider Diarist.

I am a swimmer, a musician, and a nerd. I have been swimming competitively for 12 years now, and am on the club team here at Richmond. Similarly, I have been playing the violin for just as long and I am just a music lover in general (as evidenced in the titles of my posts) - I listen to practically anything and everything, known or obscure . Additionally, I am a member of the Club Quidditch team and consider it an integral part of my life here at UR. However, my main focus lies in academics, specifically in the sciences, as I am majoring in Math and Biology (potentially on a Pre-Med track) and am currently a research assistant in Dr. Malcolm Hill's Lab. Outside of these things, I really love nature and the outdoors, as I am a participant in the Living-Learning Community known as Earth Lodge, as well as getting to travel and experience new cultures, as I plan on studying abroad as much as possible during my four years here. For now, this is where I will stop and say - the best way to get to know me is to read my blogs!

Why UR?

Beginning with my first footstep on campus, I felt at home. I felt a sense of belonging amongst the sea of individuality and diversity. I mean, who else has a spider as a mascot? If that’s not unique, I don’t know what is. I also knew that coming to the University of Richmond meant being able to explore all of my interests and even getting to find new interests, while still being able to learn at an academically rich school. I knew that I could fit in because even though we are all different and unique, there exists an air of respect and acceptance of originality on campus. This welcoming atmosphere is what unified the University in my eyes and solidified it as my choice in a college.