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December 29, 2016

For my first blog post last spring, I started a tradition of doing a "Year in Review" style summary. For each month, I used 10 words or short phrases along with one picture to sum up my experience, intending to show how much things changed between finishing high school, starting college, etc. However this was yet another busy year and I think tracing my trajectory on a month-to-month basis is still exciting and important to revisit these experiences. That said, here goes my 2016!

January: Dogsitting. Catching up with old friends. Road trip to DC. The National Gallery. A late night stroll. The Black Sheep. Wellness Class. Getting back into jogging. Lots of snow. VMFA. Long Tuesdays, longer Thursdays.


Starting off the New Year at the Jefferson Memorial

February: More snow. Starting Poli Sci Research. Hiking the Buttermilk. Waking up early. Late gym trips. Ben & Jerrys. Art Spiegelman. Stargazing. Deadlines. Cold.


Snow falling outside the Westhampton College Deanery

March: Lots of running. Spring break in Prague. Saint Vitus Cathedral. Long walks. Cheap beer. Sunset jogs by the Charles River. Meeting many interesting scholars. Café mornings. Visiting galleries. Getting really sick.


A view of Prague that required walking up a very long, steep hill

April: Charlottesville Half-Marathon. French Film Festival. Scholars Visit. Monument Avenue 10K with Aileen. River nearly every day. Third place at Regionals. Milkshakes at Village Café. Proud of FYS Final Research paper. Walking Floodwall. Death by drawing final.


River sunset adventure

May: Beach Week in RVA. Many adventures. May 6th. Bittersweet graduation. Cape Air to Bar Harbor, Maine. Lots of biking. Healthcare studies. French movies. Climbing mountains. Brunch.


Best study spot in all of Bar Harbor

June: Acadia 10K. Lobstah. Reading lots of news about Orlando. Short time at home. Durham. Packing for France. Risotto. Walking miles around D.C.. Very cramped flights to CDG. Falling in love with Paris.


La Ville de Lumières

July: LaRochelle. The Charbleytous. Ernest Le Glacier. Camille and Phillippe. Bastille Day. Trop de vin. Lunches with Josh. Afternoon naps. Bordeaux, Cognac, the Cathedral at Chartres. Surviving a day in Paris on my own.


Josh and I at Ile de Ré sporting matching shorts

August: Home for a little longer. River reunion. Moving in. RA training. Day trip. Classes start. Much to learn. “The Return.” Bulls Game. Birthday biscuits at Early Bird.


Cute little door decorations I made for my residents

September: Yorktown Beach. Martha Graham Company. Morning runs. Pride. Incendies. First breakfast adventures. Study abroad advising. Teaching drill. Picking a major. Many coffee dates.


Pride Festival in Durham, NC

October: Birthday celebrations. Folk Festival. Failing at hot yoga. Saturday scrimmages. Cercle Français. Mastering the cappuccino. Attempting veganism. Lots of nights on duty. Monument. The Head and the Heart!


The Head and the Heart concert AKA the best thing that ever happened in my mortal existence

November: SSIR trip to Chicago. Amtrak. Belated Thanksgiving. Asheville. Getting pulled over. Explication de texte. Election Day. The day after Election Day. Putting on programs for residents. T. Potterfield Bridge.


Reading to Live at The Bean in Chicago

December: Take home finals. Greyhound bus. Binge-watching Stranger Things. Crepes with the squad. PAM lunch at CanCan. Lots of shifts at Passport. Catching up with friends. Cooking and baking galore at home. Christmas. Unnaturally warm weather.


Christmas shenanigans at the Jefferson Hotel in Richmond 


Greetings future Spiders! My name is Ellie, I'm 20 years old and born and bred in Richmond, Virginia. I'm a serious student and die-hard member of the Richmond Red Hots, the womens club ultimate frisbee team here. In my precious free time I enjoy jogging, reading anything, and afternoon naps. Other hobbies are traveling, hiking, and pretending to be a foodie. Some of my preferences include black coffee, Saturday morning farmers markets, and music in foreign languages that I do not know. My academic interests are broad and constantly changing, however, as of now, my majors are Political Science and French. My two most ambiguous and most descriptive qualities are wanderlust and indecision.

Over the course of the year, some of my goals as a Spider Diarist include exposing little-known or underappreciated things on campus and around Richmond, giving a thorough review/copious list of suggestions for food and coffee in campus and around Richmond, and portraying a genuine first year experience here at UR in terms of campus culture, everyday life, and landmark events. Tag along as I rediscover Richmond from the point of view as a college student in my hometown. I'm so proud of the RVA and always excited to show off the wealth of things it has to offer to out-of-town friends as well as this blog's prospective student readership!

Why UR?

I am utterly, absolutely, and almost vehemently undecided about what exactly (or for that matter, vaguely) I want to do with my life. But hey, that's why I chose a liberal arts college. Even within that vein, though, there are a lot of liberal arts colleges out there, so back to "Why UR?" The University of Richmond is small enough to allow for intimate class sizes, in-depth peer-to-peer interactions, and strong relationships with professors.  At the same time, it is large enough to attract a student body with diverse ideas and backgrounds who all contribute different perspectives and ideas within the classroom environment and campus community. Richmond provides an indisputably spectacular academic experience, but the opportunities that the University offers to all of it's students are what really sold me. From volunteer positions and internships to research jobs and study abroad trips, the level of quality and personal attention that Richmond provides is unmatched. My crazy love with Richmond, the city, aside, UR is unique in (atleast) one more way: out of all of the colleges that I toured, I never went to one place more cheerful, comfortable, or welcoming. Come see for yourself! (WARNING: This blurb is abbreviated, see first post for details.)