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It's Over, It's Over!

May 2, 2014

So, I'm definitely freaking out a little. As of this morning, my finals are done, my bags are packed, and my dorm room looks sad and empty. It's incredible how quickly a year can pass.

Luckily, while the end of the year is obviously a time for endings, it is also time for beginnings. And I am only 20 years old, so I have quite a few beginnings in my future no matter what. Here are four beginnings from this past year, followed by four beginnings that I have to look forward to . . .

New Things in Sophomore Year

1) My younger sister started college at the University of Vermont this year! I have been in contact with her throughout the semesters (of course) and she seems to be having a great time. What's really fascinating about having a sister nearly the same age as me is being able to see how our colleges experiences are similar and how they differ. A compare/contrast sort of thing.

2) I made a best friend at college and I love her so much (you know who you are). She has been there for me when I have needed someone the most and that is irreplaceable.

3) I was Editor-in-Chief of the college's literary magazine, The Messenger. It was really cool to have a leadership role in such a big production!

4) I became a lot more independent and I'm proud of myself for that. It's hard to learn how to be on your own and be content with that, but when you do there's no better feeling.

New Things to Come

1) I'm going to be studying abroad this summer in La Rochelle, France. As someone who has never even traveled outside of North America, I cannot even imagine what kind of experiences await me, but I am so excited to find out!

2) Speaking of studying abroad, I will then be spending a semester in London, England in the fall. (I know, a lot of traveling at one time for such a newbie.) More excitement, and also Shakespeare and Harry Potter!

3) I'm going to turn 21 in the fall and finally become a real adult. Whatever that means.

4) Studying abroad this summer will finish up my requirements for the French minor . . . that is crazy to me. One step of the major/minor portion of college finished--kind of mind-blowing when you think about it. I'm not sure if I'm ready to step into the real world, but I guess we will find out.

Oh, and here are a few amazing new things on our campus . . . bird babies!!

Goose babies


Duck babies


Swimming babies!

Swimming babies! Awwwww.

Happy Summer =)

<3 Elana

Top Ten Things You Should Really Know About Elana Richmond

1. My name is actually pronounced Eee-lana, but I go by Ah-lana for phonetic ease.

2. I have a Portuguese Water Dog named Max. We got him before Obama decided Porties were cool.

3. I have been dancing for most of my life. My favorite type of dance is hip-hop, although you wouldn’t know it from my very un-gangster-like look.

4. I sit cross-legged just about everywhere . . . except when driving, because that is illegal.

5. My favorite book series is the Harry Potter series, probably because I identify with Hermione Granger’s poofy hair and love of books. Also, they are just plain good.

6. I am currently writing a book called Okay, So My Dad is an Evil Genius. This is not based on my life, I promise.

7. My sister and I are very close (and not just by 17 months).

8. I still think the Disney princesses are cool and I aspire to have hair as long as Rapunzel’s.

9. I keep a journal for nearly everything.

10. I have lived in Acton, Massachusetts all--ALL--my life, so I'm excited to see what Virginia has to offer!

Why UR?

Because it is SO COOL that my last name is in the name of a school. (But seriously, how funny would it be if my entire family was decked out in "Richmond" sweatshirts?) Okay, so a little more seriously: I picked UR because it is beautiful inside and out. Yes, I am choosing a cliche. Yes, it is valid. The campus itself is absolutely stunning, especially at sundown looking over the lake--and trying not to get attacked by the tricera-geese. The people here are warm and friendly and really do seem to want to get involved with the university. The professors, at least the ones who I have met so far, present their topics in new ways that really make you question what you know . . . and want to understand what you don't. Plus, they are incredibly open to helping you get there. Basically, the University of Richmond is the place to be.