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April 27, 2017

As I graduate, there are a lot of things I’m going to miss about Richmond. The people, the resources, and the crazy fun I’ve had here all spring to mind. But something I’ve overlooked is my apartment. 

My apartment is unbelievably awesome. We managed to snag a room in Gateway, the brand new senior housing complex on campus that is 4x4x4 — Four buildings, each with four stories, and each apartment has four bedrooms. With a living room area for TV, a dining table and a big stretching kitchen,  my apartment is huge and spacious with plenty of room for activities. We also all have single bedrooms, which after three years of roommates, is an absolute Godsend. My room can resemble a warzone as much as it does a bedroom, so I know my roommates are thrilled we no longer have to share sleeping quarters. 

But living in my apartment has been amazing. We set up a Ping Pong net on our island, and have had a running tab of games the whole semester. (I have dominated.) I have also realized that, because our kitchen island is a foot higher and much narrower than a real ping-pong table, with a weird curved shape, that I am going to be that old guy losing to his grandkids in ping pong who keeps saying, “if we were on my old table in college…”

Downstairs are private study rooms where I’ve been able to zone in like I was working in the library but never stray more than a stone’s throw from my room. My backyard is two giant intramural fields where pickup soccer, frisbee and football are played constantly. There’s an actual beach volleyball court, with sand that is actually maintained and kept pristine, and my friends and I have been able to play on it whenever we want, which is any day over 60 degrees. Fifty feet past the courts are outdoor basketball courts. The outdoor courts are perfect for me. They’re 150 feet from my door, as opposed to the gym on the other side of campus. The court is smaller than regulation, so I can actually keep up with my friends who are actually in shape. Combined with the outdoor rims being much less forgiving than indoor rims, and the freedom to play off the the person I'm defending, I can pretend I’m a competent basketball player.

Every place I’ve lived has had something that made it special. My freshman year I was a three minute walk from my classes and a two minute walk to the gym. My sophomore year, the front of my building let out onto the Westhampton Green, maybe my favorite open space on campus, and was directly behind the Greek amphitheater. Junior year, our apartment let out on the president’s fields.

Your living space is never solely defined by the resources that are next to you, and the people in your life are always a bigger factor. But it’s easy to take for granted how the things you’re physically proximate to shape how you engage with your environment. In that respect, living in Gateway this year has been like Candyland meets summer camp. Everything I could have asked for is already here, and now that I’m leaving, I’m definitely going to miss it. On that note, it’s time to go play some Volleyball...

I'm always hungry, usually talking, and an occasionally funny senior double majoring in Journalism and Leadership Studies with a minor in Business Administration. I am the Vice-President of Academic Affairs for the Richmond College Student Government Association, an Associate Editor with The Collegian, the student newspaper, and a brother of Theta Chi Fraternity. This past summer I interned for the Washington Redskins official website, Redskins.com. I am probably procrastinating as you read this.