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February 17, 2014

It’s been a while since I’ve posted last so here’s what’s up.

~The weather has been crazy! Snowstorms with six inches, hail and thunder one day and 55 degrees and sunny the next. We went through a week or so of less than 30 degrees when Westhampton Lake (kind of) froze over. With signs around the perimeter, campus safety made sure no one was stupid enough venture out onto the half frozen lake… that is, except the geese.


The lake would probably freeze all the way if it weren't for the circulatory bubblers throughout. But it does make for an awesome Instagram picture during a light snowfall.  

~I started working this semester in the theater department’s scene shop. Here, we build all the sets and help with the lighting for the shows the theater department puts on. With the exception of my hands sometimes getting pretty beat up, it’s been a really great experience and I’m learning a ton.

~Some Lambda Chi associate members, brothers and I delivered flowers to a freshman Tri-Delt in the first floor of the library as a surprise from her big sister. She was a little embarrassed but, c'mon, can you blame her...?


 A dozen roses from a dozen good lookin’ guys... in Hawaiian shirts none the less.

~As promised, a word about my Lincoln class. It’s going pretty well. There is a lot of reading but it’s all very interesting stuff. My professor knows practically everything about our 16th president. It’s crazy.

~And finally… drum roll please! Richmond Mock Trial’s B team got a bid to go to the American Mock Trial Association’s Opening Round Championship Series (ORCS) in Greenville, South Carolina! That’s not only a mouthful, but it's a huge deal! We left the regional competition hosted at UR with 5.5 wins and even beat Harvard’s B team 2-0! No big deal though…


Team 2 celebrates their big win with their big trophy! Shoutout to Greg and Emily for winning individual awards!


Mi amiga Kasey and I stand proudly with the 2014 AMTA Regional's trophy.


Look, we even got a shoutout from the University of Richmond on Twitter! (follow them at @urichmond)

My name is Dan. I am a freshman at the University of Richmond. Originally from the burbs of Boston, I love the warm temperature and kind people that I find south of the Mason Dixon. I play tennis, love theater, listen to all types of music and I watch barely any television. I have a large mixed family. My dog is named after my favorite, underrated and former Red Sox right-fielder, Trot Nixon. He's cute--my dog that is. Not the player. I am a very vigilant student aiming for nothing but success but as my family would attest to, I'm not always serious. I am a goofball at heart. In high school, I sometimes forgot to let out my fun side and focused tremendously on schoolwork only. At Richmond, I plan to work on achieving balance in my life when it comes to work, study, health and social. 

Why UR?

I applied to Richmond under Fall Early Decision knowing it was my first choice. As I stated above, I was a very serious high school student and I was equally diligent in my college search process. I started the summer before my sophomore year looking at small liberal arts colleges in New England. I went on a southern road trip with my dad and we basically came to Richmond blindly- not hearing much about the school other than the high praise of some friends. When I originally left campus, I was confused because I loved it so much but hadn't yet done the extensive research that I had for every other school on my list. When I completed that step, there was no question that Richmond was a perfect fit. Their educational opportunities of study abroad, Leadership Studies, a nationally ranked undergraduate business school along with the small, communal campus made it an easy decision. Now that I'm here, my decision is strengthened everyday.