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6 reasons you should intern downtown

December 11, 2017

I’m in my second semester of an internship downtown at a state agency, and let me tell you, it’s been one of the greatest experiences I’ve had at University of Richmond. Here’s a few reasons why you should pursue an internship while studying at Richmond:

It’s easy to get off campus.

First things first, it’s incredibly easy to get off campus. University of Richmond operates a shuttle that takes students to the heart of downtown Richmond, near the arts, financial, and government district. If you might be interested in other areas of the city, University of Richmond provides bus passes for the Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC). The GRTC has a stop on “The 16” route at the campus transportation hub, and takes students down Grove Avenue and right through downtown Richmond.If that isn’t enough, the University of Richmond Transportation Services also provides guest passes for the VCU RamRide campus connector. This bus connects the east and west sides of downtown Richmond.We also have ZipCars. ZipCar is an easy pay-by-the-hour way to get downtown. You can reserve a car for an hour or a day, and hit the road! This is a great option if you need to get to the Richmond’s Southside.

It’s a great experience.

You’ll learn a lot about time management. Balancing classes, life, and work has been a great opportunity for me. I’ve figured out how to make the most of my time and stay motivated! You get to build that LinkedIn profile. Interning is a great way to get a jumpstart on networking in the workplace. Everyone in Richmond seems to be connected in some way to one another — if you’re looking to expand your career future, you never know who might get you connected to a new opportunity! You’ll get to work on polishing your resume. This kind of goes without saying — internships look great on a resume. But you know what looks even better on a resume? An internship that you completed during a semester. This says volumes about your skills in… you guessed it… time management, multitasking, and dedication. On lighter note, the experience of working in Richmond is amazing! Going downtown a few times a week gives you a chance to see the city from a new perspective. A lot of companies make a point to give back to the community and building a work community. Whether that means helping out with a food drive at your workplace, or joining a Thanksgiving potluck, it makes Richmond a fun place to work.

It’s a chance to test drive your major and career.

I try to make it sound like I’ve always been a communications major, but that’s not true. I ended high school planning to major in international studies. I spent my first semester at college thinking I’d be a sociology major. But after an internship, I tapped into the love I had for communications in high school, and discovered I could make this passion a career. Now I’m a Rhetoric and Communications major and loving it. Interning gives you a chance to learn more about your field and industry while you’re studying in. Internships also typically have a learning component, where you could get the chance to sketch out what your career path might look like. 

It’s a way to find your role model. 

During the internships I’ve had, I have looked up to many of my colleagues and supervisors as mentors and role models. Find a person in a career that you’re interested in and find out how they got there. Most people love to share their insight! Not only that, you might get insider tips about the city from the people you work with. I connnnnstantly talk about the Richmond food scene, but I wouldn’t have known about most of these people if it weren’t for two of my supervisors who are major foodies like me. I’ve also learned about cool places I would never have known about. For instance, I learned about an adorable little park in the Fan District called “Scuffletown Park” hidden in an alley, across from a truly amazing brunch spot, Strawberry Street Cafe. Who knows what you’ll discover from true Richmonders!

It’s fun.

In the process of interning, you’ll inevitably have fun. Okay, at least, I think you’ll have fun. You’ll meet so many new people, make friends, and be a part of something beyond the campus. And even better, you get the opportunity to find out if you’re interested in becoming a Richmonder. I have several friends who interned downtown and absolutely fell in love with Richmond and decided to stay after they graduated. Maybe this is you, or maybe it isn’t — but interning is a great way to find out if you’re Richmond’s next longterm local. And my favorite thing (this is such a weird thing, honestly) is that you’ll figure out the streets and the history. I’m someone who has very little sense of direction, and if it weren’t for being downtown all the time, I know I would never be able to find my way around Richmond. Now, instead of being the boy who gets lost while walking to class, I get to surprise my friends by proving I actually do know to get around the city, and I know some really random facts about it too. Did you know that right off of Marshall Street is one of America’s best surviving example of an Egyptian Revival building? Fascinating. Or that one of the shuttles drives past one of the World’s 10 Ugliest Buildings, the Markel Building, which was literally designed to look like a foil-wrapped baked potato? Inspirational. I guarantee that you’ll find out weird trivia facts to surprise your friends with!

Thinking about coming to Richmond? You should know that internships aren’t just for the summer — you can jumpstart your career by completing an internship downtown during the semester.

—Cory, ‘19

Hey Spiders! My name is Cory, and I’m a sophomore and transfer student. I’m a double major in Rhetoric and Communication and Women, Gender, and Sexuaity Studies. My goal in life is to one day work at Olivia Pope & Associates, or at least work in crisis management or public relations. I grew up between Florida, Colorado, and Virginia, and similar to Cady Heron in Mean Girls, I was homeschooled. I love traveling, shopping at Target, spending time with my cat (named Soren Kittegaard), attempting to keep up with the Kardashians, reading Albert Camus, and hanging out with friends. Keep an eye out for some posts specifically about the transfer life! Sneak peek: so far it’s been fantastic.

Why UR?

I didn’t really get connected to University of Richmond until I was a freshman in college. I met some amazing alumni and visited the campus and honestly fell in love with everything about Richmond. Michael Scott once said in The Office, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take - Wayne Gretzky,” and I knew that I had to take a shot and apply as a transfer student. I’m thrilled to be a Spider, to be at a university that feels like home, and to conquer my arachnophobia for once and for all.