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Ready to Live the Apartment Life

April 12, 2013

“Where the heck am I going to live next year?” is a common question that is asked by almost every student on campus in the Springtime. Unless you are in a Living/Learning community, you probably don’t know where you’re going to end up on campus. As a rising junior who is not going abroad, I had a few options: live off campus, live in the apartments on campus, or live in a dorm. Of course, it’s not as simple as just picking a place, the housing lottery decides the fate of all who are applying to housing.

The rules are quite simple, for all non-scholar students, your name is placed in the lottery with all of the other members of your grade applying for housing and is assigned a number randomly. Then, according to your lottery number, or the lowest number received by a member of your living situation, that is how you find out where you get to live on campus.

After six years of living in a dorm (four years of boarding school, 2 years in college), I am ready for a change. Don’t get me wrong, I have loved all of my roommates and I actually enjoy dorm life, however I am at the point in my life where more space and privacy is very appealing to me. So for next year I decided to live with a three other women in sorority pledge class, and we tried for an apartment on campus.

A few days ago, we received an e-mail saying that we got one! (Cue the celebratory parade music and lots and lots of excited jumping up and down!!)  Though we are on the farthest block of apartments on the campus, we are excited nonetheless.  Though the living situation is still a double-double with one bathroom (2 bedrooms, 2 people per bedroom), we will have our own living room, dining area, kitchen, and back porch!

an example of an apartment on campus!

I think I am most excited for the porch and the kitchen.  One of my favorite places to do work is outside on sunny days, so having a back porch will be great for that if we can find a cheap set of table and chairs to put out there. I am also very excited to have a kitchen. University Dancers sometimes has late nights with rehearsals that start at dinnertime, meaning I have to eat an extremely early dinner or an extremely late one. Because dhall closes at 8 pm every night, I often have limited food options to get a balanced dinner quickly. Hopefully, now that I will have a kitchen and a large fridge at my disposal, I can either pack my own dinner or make healthier options once I come home for the evening.

Besides living in an apartment, I am looking forward to living with three other women who are in my pledge class. Because UD takes up much of my time in the evenings especially during the fall, I am unable to go to sorority events during the week because I’m constantly in rehearsal.  Hopefully, by living with three very different but all very amazing women, I can stay more connected to my pledge class and become closer with those members who aren’t studying abroad in the fall (a large percentage of juniors on campus study abroad in the fall).

Although apartment life is my future, I have really enjoyed the opportunity to live in Lakeview this past year. It really is the most beautiful dorm, and I’m going to miss being able to see the lake first thing in the morning when I wake up. However, it’s time for me to take on the task of living more independently and I’m so ready for the challenge. :]

the outside of Lakeview

inside Lakeview

PS Happy Spring Everyone! The geese say hello!

A beautiful spring day!

I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Richmond and interested in Dance and Sociology. I applied Early Decision to Richmond because it had such a great mix of everything I was looking for academically and holds a deep appreciation for the arts. When I’m at school you can usually find me dancing in Frederick Rehearsal Hall, enjoying my study time in Boatwright Memorial Library, or trying to entertain my roommate with my jokes and facial expressions. Cookies are my favorite food, though macaroni and cheese is a close second. I am a part of the University Dancers for a second year in a row - and I love it! Something interesting about me: a major goal of mine is to be on the ‘Jeopardy’ show.