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It's Been Three Years Already?

March 25, 2013

With Accepted Students Days keeping Admissions and Spider Key Tour guides on their toes, I am reminded of the days of being a Prospective student almost three years ago.  I remember getting countless brochures and pamphlets from an array of schools, some of which I had never heard of.  I also remember my lists, lists of schools I wanted to visit, lists of schools that I wanted to apply to, and finally lists of pros and cons of my top choices.  I still have my journal from my senior year of high school, its pages are full of lists and entries about my stressful college decision process. However, though I was drawn to other schools,  U of R continually stuck out to me. When I visited in the summer between my junior and senior year, that’s when I knew that I could see myself being part of the Spider community. 

I can remember it like it was yesterday, it was a hot day in July, and I was with my best friend from home Morgan, her mom, and my mom. We had already had an eventful night previous to the visit. Within ten minutes of checking into our hotel room, we found BED BUGS. It was slightly traumatic, and we left that hotel in less than a minute of finding them. The next morning, I had a hard time choosing an outfit, I wanted to look presentable for my visit. After an “okay” from my best friend/stylist, we headed for Richmond’s campus. Both my mom and Morgan’s mom were impressed with the surrounding neighborhoods of Richmond, with all the beautiful estates and classic southern homes. Then we got to campus, and proceeded to get lost trying to find the Admissions department. Morgan and I took the tour, and I was blown away by the beauty of the campus. I felt comfortable from the very beginning, and I had that “feeling” during the tour that I could see myself on that campus. 

Three years, One Early Decision acceptance, Four semesters and countless memories later, I can say that I am truly happy with my decision to come here. Sure, I probably could’ve found happiness at other schools, but I chose to put down my roots in Richmond and it’s the best thing. I’ve fallen in love with both the Dance and Sociology departments, and the friends I have here are wonderful. When a prospective student stayed with my roommate and I this past week, she asked why I chose Richmond.  I explained to her all about how I loved that I could dance and find other passions, that Richmond had a real campus kind of atmosphere, and that the dorms were great, but I knew there was more to it than just those things. So I told her about the feeling I got when I came onto the campus, and when I got my acceptance letter (my mom actually received it when I was at boarding school, so technically I didn’t actually get a letter, instead my mom told me over the phone!). I was beyond excited to know that I was going to be at UR for the next four years. 

My real facebook post after receiving the ED acceptance letter to Richmond!

So, whether you are choosing between Richmond or another school, or stuck in your decision between Grad schools, just think about where you feel most comfortable and where you can really see yourself becoming a part of that campus’ culture. I know not everyone has a “feeling” when they step onto a school campus, but it really is about the opportunities that you will have at whatever school you decide to attend. For me, Richmond was the right fit and seeing Accepted Students all around has reminded me just how happy I am to be here.  

Even if it is snowing here in the middle of March. 

March 24,2013

I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Richmond and interested in Dance and Sociology. I applied Early Decision to Richmond because it had such a great mix of everything I was looking for academically and holds a deep appreciation for the arts. When I’m at school you can usually find me dancing in Frederick Rehearsal Hall, enjoying my study time in Boatwright Memorial Library, or trying to entertain my roommate with my jokes and facial expressions. Cookies are my favorite food, though macaroni and cheese is a close second. I am a part of the University Dancers for a second year in a row - and I love it! Something interesting about me: a major goal of mine is to be on the ‘Jeopardy’ show.