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March Midterm Madness

March 18, 2013

March Mid-term Madness

March is a crazy time for many people. Whether it is because of March Madness, St. Patty’s Day, or midterms, March always seems to keep everyone at Richmond on their toes. My own March has been, without a doubt, the craziest month of all in my entire college experience and it is only halfway over. Really though, I’m going to need to dig deep to finish this month.  

The first weekend of March consisted of the Dance Concert, which completely knocked me down in terms of physical, mental, and emotional stability. With lack of sleep, stress, and overall exhaustion, I had no idea how I was going to make it through the week of midterms. Quite frankly, I was looking pretty rough all week, I traded in doing my hair and wearing non-pajamas every day for sleep, sorry I’m not sorry! Within the week after dance show and before Spring Break, I had to take two exams, complete a research assignment, and turn in a paper within a 4-day period.  Now, I’m not going to sit here and complain about college work; everyone has to do it and I’m sure there are many other people whose week was a lot worse than mine. But as a proud survivor of two years of intense midterms, I am going to let you in on how to survive the week that is so terrible that you consider dropping out of college. 

So here are MY tips for surviving a brutal work week.

Number One: Communicate with teachersIn my experience at UR, I have not yet had a professor who was unwilling to be flexible with assignment due dates. Just last week, I emailed my professor explaining my difficulty with being able to get an assignment in on time and they quickly responded with compassion and granted me an extension. Of course, not all professors are as understanding, but most are understanding of the need to give extensions, especially during the busiest times of the semester. 

Number Two: Find your study niche. Boatwright is my favorite place to study, but not everyone finds happiness here. Many of my science-y friends go to Gottwald (I have no idea where, because I never actually go in that building because science is my worst enemy), and others go to little corners on campus like the lounges in dorms or the Parsons Music Library in Modlin/Booker.  I also have some friends that like to study in Dhall because they like to nibble or snack on food while studying. Dhall is not my place because I would gain the Sophomore Sixty if I allowed myself anywhere near the dessert table for longer than a usual mealtime. If there’s one thing on this Earth I cannot resist, it is cookies, and dhall seems to make some great ones almost every day. 

I love the comfy chairs on the first and second floors of Boatwright!

Number Three: Don’t forget to sleep/eat. I know that I am neither a parent/doctor/or counselor, but c’mon, chances are if you get some sleep and good food in you, you’re probably going to do a lot better on exams, papers, etc… Plus, you’ll probably be in a more agreeable mood and won’t run the risk of getting mad at friends if one of them distracts you from work or needs a ride to CVS.

Number Four: Find just a moment in the day when you’re happiest.  Having lunch with my friends during midterm week is one of the only things that kept me from having a breakdown. Just taking a half hour each day to laugh and catch up with people helps me majorly decompress. The only challenge with this is not getting distracted or unmotivated to do any work after you are put in such a good mood. 

Finally, number Five: REMEMBER THAT SOME SORT OF BREAK IS COMING! Most stressful workloads come before breaks, whether it’s Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring, or Summer.  People wonder why college students go crazy on Spring Break and travel to exotic resorts, but if they would just imagine what we go through to get to that Spring Break, I’m sure more people would understand. I’m not saying that I do or don’t support the Spring Break culture, but I do understand why students are looking for a thrilling escape from the confines of their campuses. 

Spring is almost here!

All in all, college is hard. It is basically an endurance test to see who can make it through with little sleep, hard work, and crazy schedules. With that being said, it’s time for me to enjoy my spring break with sleep, relaxation, and snuggling with my dog. :]

I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Richmond and interested in Dance and Sociology. I applied Early Decision to Richmond because it had such a great mix of everything I was looking for academically and holds a deep appreciation for the arts. When I’m at school you can usually find me dancing in Frederick Rehearsal Hall, enjoying my study time in Boatwright Memorial Library, or trying to entertain my roommate with my jokes and facial expressions. Cookies are my favorite food, though macaroni and cheese is a close second. I am a part of the University Dancers for a second year in a row - and I love it! Something interesting about me: a major goal of mine is to be on the ‘Jeopardy’ show.