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We're Halfway There

May 4, 2013

So after an absolute crazy week of exams and very little sleep, I finally had to pack up all of my belongings to move back home.  Packing up my room was almost surreal, I can’t believe that this year and especially this semester has blown by so quickly. However,  I can say that I’ve learned a lot in the first half of my college experience (wow, I’m a junior…still coming to terms with that.), and I’d like to share some of the big lessons with you all.

Let your parents help you.  

Whether it’s by allowing them to come down and help you move in/move out, or by giving the okay to let them come and visit for the weekend, parents are usually happy to help out and be involved in our lives. I know that I haven’t always been the most grateful daughter to my parents when they come to help me, but I’m starting to realize how much they really do want to be involved in my life as much as possible now that I am farther from home.  Although it was stressful to drive on a crowded I95 on Wednesday to meet my dad with a large chunk of my room stuff, it was actually the best stress relief to just have a nice lunch at Subway and relax and not think about my finals or packing or getting prepared for summer. Thanks mom and dad!

Find balance in your life.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to find balance at school. I think that whenever people spend too much time stressing about school (or too little time stressing about school), they tend to be so tense and for lack of a better word…crazy.  For instance, this week I had a lot of finals to prepare heavily for, but I also spent time seeing friends and taking much needed breaks (I even caught a showing of Silver Linings Playbook at the Byrd theater this week!), I was so much happier than I have been in previous finals weeks. 

Make the effort to stay in touch.

Although it may seem pretty obvious, sometimes it’s hard to keep in touch with friends from school when you aren’t able to see them all summer. I really hated that I was only able to see one of my friends from Richmond last summer, and have already vowed to make the effort to visit other friends this summer.  Also, now that I have experienced long-distance friendships because of graduation (I was close with two seniors who graduated last year) I now realize how important it is to keep those friendships close. One of them sends me a letter for every major holiday, the other sends me snapchats and pictures of clothes that she’s considering purchasing.  Keeping those relationships with simple texts or snapchats that say “Hi” makes it so much easier to stay close. I’m not looking forward to having to say goodbye to some of the seniors that are leaving me this year, but after learning this past year how to stay in touch, I know that graduation won’t mean “goodbye” but instead, “see you soon.”

my empty room :[

the last view of my room :[

So that’s that. Sophomore year over. I’ve accomplished some major goals, had some setbacks, and experienced challenges that only happen in college, but I’d say it was all worth it. Summer is finally upon us and I’ll be on the road to Myrtle Beach shortly for Beach Week! Have a great summer y’all!

I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Richmond and interested in Dance and Sociology. I applied Early Decision to Richmond because it had such a great mix of everything I was looking for academically and holds a deep appreciation for the arts. When I’m at school you can usually find me dancing in Frederick Rehearsal Hall, enjoying my study time in Boatwright Memorial Library, or trying to entertain my roommate with my jokes and facial expressions. Cookies are my favorite food, though macaroni and cheese is a close second. I am a part of the University Dancers for a second year in a row - and I love it! Something interesting about me: a major goal of mine is to be on the ‘Jeopardy’ show.