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Insiders / Outsiders

December 12, 2016

I just wanted to fulfill my literature requirement.

Going into senior year, I had fulfilled most of the required core courses necessary to graduate. The only general education requirements I had yet to fill were science, which I had avoided like the plague, and somehow, literature.

Despite being a journalism major and enjoying reading and writing, I had somehow never fulfilled my lit requirement. Since seniors get first dibs on classes for registration I had a shot at taking just about any class I wanted.

One class in particular caught my eye. Insiders/Outsiders: How Arabs See the West

I figured what the heck. I had no idea what to expect, but it sounded intriguing.

I can now say taking Insiders/Outsiders was one of the best decisions I made all year. Focusing on the complicated history between people in the Arabian peninsula and the West, the class aims to challenge the assumptions we have about culture. Inherent in this is the very definition of “the West” and “Arabs.”  Our first week in class, we had a solid 45 minute debate arguing over what the definition of the Middle East actually is. Fundamental to these types of questions are how we identify each other as well as ourselves.

To add another dimension to our discussions, my professor frequently brought in guest speakers to class who had unique points of view. These speakers provided a personal narrative that expanded my perspective.

  • A Ukrainian woman who had emigrated to America come to class to discuss her decision to live in the U.S.

  • A Jordanian woman discuss Muslim stereotypes, Jordanian culture and the impact of Syrian refugees on her country.

  • A UR graduate working in the American embassy in Beirut, Lebanon skyped in to discuss foreign service work and Middle Eastern politics.

  • An Italian teacher working with refugees in Italy skyped in to discuss the state of the refugee crisis and the challenges of integrating them into society.

Our interactive, engaging curriculum on such a timely, important and at times devastating topic has given me a new understanding of such an amazing part of our world.

I'm always hungry, usually talking, and an occasionally funny senior double majoring in Journalism and Leadership Studies with a minor in Business Administration. I am the Vice-President of Academic Affairs for the Richmond College Student Government Association, an Associate Editor with The Collegian, the student newspaper, and a brother of Theta Chi Fraternity. This past summer I interned for the Washington Redskins official website, Redskins.com. I am probably procrastinating as you read this.