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January 15, 2017

After finals, you’d think I’d avoid the library for as long as I could. Having spent wayyyyy too much time in the library during finals week, I still haven’t been able to break my addiction.

Plus it’s raining outside, and I really don’t feel like walking back to my dorm quite yet.

While finals week was a rollercoaster of homework and emotions, spring syllabus week has been a rollercoaster of homework and all four seasons. If I’ve learned anything since I moved to Virginia, the weather is eccentric -- one day it’s winter and the next day you're roasting in the heat. Exhibit A: this week.


There’s nothing quite as beautiful (or scary, depending on your interpretation) as walking outside and seeing the University of Richmond graced with seven inches of snow. Monday morning was a frigid world, sun glaring off icy snow, some sidewalks slick with sand and slush, and students with frosty breath hiding in parkas.

I was not prepared for this dramatic weather change (mostly because Virginia snow doesn’t hit hard until February/March), or prepared to walk to class at 8:30am when it was 16 degrees. But tbt that time  I walked home from the library in a trash bag poncho proved to me that nothing is really that terrible, so off to class I went. It was SO COLD, and my eyes always water when it’s freezing, so more than one person stopped to ask why I was crying. I think this unique talent could somehow be incorporated into the sequel to Frozen that Idina Menzel keeps hinting at.


It's a blurry and wintry world on the drive back to campus

Syllabus week is a little intense at Richmond, which isn’t really a bad thing as it’s easy to know what you’re in for instead of figuring that out after the add/drop period ends. Which is the reason why I used 63 print credits the first week of the semester (some professors are big on recycling, others are very into having hard copies of readings in class).

I went to bed on Monday night, and when I checked the temperature filter on Snapchat, it was 1°F.

Spring meets Summer

By Wednesday, it was a sunny 50°F outside. (Can the Weather Channel hire me yet? Sorry for being so technical). Ironically, my packages with a winter coat and boots arrived, a day late. If we’re being honest, though, the longer I can stay out of boots and coats the better. 

Unpopular opinion: winter is aesthetically pleasing but it’s actually the worst.

By mid-morning, the snow was melting, and muddy paths crisscrossed the campus greens.

There were little tears in the corners of my eyes, this time from happiness, as I sat outside in the forum and realized that winter wouldn’t last forever. #blessed



On Thursday, I suddenly remembered just how rough summer was in terms of heat. By noon, it was 70°F, and I was definitely overdressed and definitely sweating.

Um. Nothing really happened on Thursday, other than classes and shopping at Short Pump (a nearby outdoor mall). I guess nothing happening is pretty typical for a summer day. Even though it was hot, I loved it while it lasted.


Friday was a gorgeous day. The dead leaves were no longer mushy and were scattered everywhere and it was kind of cute. I went to UR Downtown to study, and all the Bonners got back together for our first meeting of the semester.

Today the air was crisp just like my cheese fries from the Cellar. A friend and I did a photo shoot outside in the Greek Theatre (instant another shameless request for Anna Wintour to smile upon me). 

Major highlight of the day: going to SpiderNights for the first time since the school year started. This SpiderNight included bubble soccer, pizza, and an inflatable (aka bounce house, moonwalk, spacewalk, leaping lodge). Bubble soccer was way more intense than I imagined, and I think I realized that inflatables are much more fun as an adult.


This kind of sums up my relationship with sports. Just kiding. Sort of.

As I reach another midnight in the Library, I’m a little sad that winter will return all too soon, but I’m also looking forward to more excuses to buy hot chocolate.

Stay warm, wherever you are!

-Cory, ’19

Hey Spiders! My name is Cory, and I’m a sophomore and transfer student. I’m a double major in Rhetoric and Communication and Women, Gender, and Sexuaity Studies. My goal in life is to one day work at Olivia Pope & Associates, or at least work in crisis management or public relations. I grew up between Florida, Colorado, and Virginia, and similar to Cady Heron in Mean Girls, I was homeschooled. I love traveling, shopping at Target, spending time with my cat (named Soren Kittegaard), attempting to keep up with the Kardashians, reading Albert Camus, and hanging out with friends. Keep an eye out for some posts specifically about the transfer life! Sneak peek: so far it’s been fantastic.

Why UR?

I didn’t really get connected to University of Richmond until I was a freshman in college. I met some amazing alumni and visited the campus and honestly fell in love with everything about Richmond. Michael Scott once said in The Office, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take - Wayne Gretzky,” and I knew that I had to take a shot and apply as a transfer student. I’m thrilled to be a Spider, to be at a university that feels like home, and to conquer my arachnophobia for once and for all.